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Autumn Family Photoshoot – clothing tips

The colours you wear on your Family Photoshoot during Autumn can make such a difference to your pictures – here are some tips for embracing the gorgeous countryside that we are lucky enough to have around us in Sussex.

As always, I’ll advise you to dress for the weather – we’re not going to get great pictures if your children are cold and miserable and are complaining of soggy feet.  ‘Earthy’ colours work really well –  greens, blues (including denim), burgandy and browns.  A ‘pop’ of mustard yellow, orange or even a little red could make a really big difference to your final pictures.  When planning the shoot below I suggested the young girl wear a yellow cardigan – you can see how the colour really brings out the background of the image and creates a lot more impact.  I’ve pulled out all of the colours from the image and made a colour inspiration pallet for you too – see below!

Family sitting on a jetty during autumn
Young girl sitting outside wearing autumn coloured clothing

Generally I’d say stick to plainer clothes and avoid too many patterns or logos.  A little bit of pattern/check is fine but patterns can be distracting if the whole family are wearing them.  If you are unsure, lay all of the outfits out on a bed and you’ll get an idea of what they will look like together. 

Zara always has great clothes, especially for younger children – here are some I’ve pulled off their site for the Autumn 2020 season.  Gillets & scarves are great for adding a bit of colour or texture and boots always looks fabulous too.  I especially love the olive green dress below.

 I’ve also created a Pinterest Board with some autumn colour ideas – head over HERE for more inspiration!

I hope this has been helpful, autumn really is such a wonderful time to have your family photoshoot!  Head over to my family photography page for more infomation including pricing.


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