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New School Website Photography for Lingfield College

I was excited when Lingfield College in Surrey approached me to update their School Website Photography. I adore photographing Schools and Colleges – it’s the perfect way to combine my love of children’s photography with my commercial photography.

I worked closely with the Marketing Department to plan the photoshoot around the school timetable, fitting in as many different classes and activities as possible.

I was booked for a two day shoot and here are some of my favourite images from day one. We started the shoot in the Pre-School – the younger children are always so excited about having their pictures taken and literally line up for their turn! The magnifying glasses and bugs provided much amusement for us all.

A young girl with blonde hair and bunches holding up an orange magnifying glass to her face in her classroom during her school website photography photoshoot
A young girl with blonde hair and bunches holding a bug and magnifying glass in her classroom during her school photography photoshoot
Boy in a nursery glass holding up and orange magnifying glass to his face

We went out to the playground at break time and I was able to get lot of natural shots of the children playing and interacting with their friends and teachers.

Young boy in school unform smiling at the camera as he waits in the line at the playground at Lingfield College
Young boy running around the playground during school prospectus photoshoot with other children playing in the background
Teacher playing a ball game with children during break time at during a school website photoshoot

We then headed over to the Sixth Form Centre to photograph the Sixth Formers. The red seats in the lecture theatre provided the perfect backdrop for photos.

Male and female sixth form students smiling as they look at a laptop together in the lecture theatre at Lingfield College
Sixth form student smiling as she works whilst sitting in a row of red seats in the lecture theatre at Lingfield College

I photographed a selection of sixth formers during a variety of activities. I find that older students like to be pre-warned about photos – if they are prepared and have a chance to ‘freshen up’ they tend to be more willing participants.

Sixth form media studies students looking at magazines together in a school classroom
Students in a sixth form centre chatting to a teacher
The Science Lab provided the perfect opportunity for some more creative shots and a bit of flame throwing!
Science student looking holding up a model of molecules
Female science student wearing a white lab coat and measuring out liquids in the science lab at Lingfield College

I’d love to hear from you if you’d like to update your school or college photography – just get in touch via my contact page.