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Queen’s Counsel photographer on Silks day

What an honour to be a Queen’s Counsel Photographer for the day!  The best part of being a Commercial Photographer is the huge variety off shoots I get to photograph!  I was so excited when Andrew Selby QC contacted me and asked me to photograph him on Silks Day, the official day he was appointed a Queen’s Counsel. The day was one of my highlights of 2021.

Portrait of Andrew Selby QC captured by photographer Alex Rickard as he walked to the Royal Courts of Justice as he was appointed Queen's Counsel

Andrew and his family met me at The Lamb Building, Middle Temple. We took some photographs on the steps and then some family pictures under a lovely arch nearby. We also took some pictures with his Clerk who was with us for the day too.

Andrew Selby QC photographed by Queen's Counsel Photographer Alex Rickard

Andrew Selby QC pictured on the steps on the Lamb Building

Andrew Selby QC pictured under and arch with his two sons. Captured on Silks Day by Queen's Counsel Photographer Alex Rickard


Andrew Selby QC and his family photographed in the Middle Temple on Silks Day

The family hired a Daimler and we all pilled in together and drove to the Royal Palace of Westminster. The ceremony was held in Westminster Hall. Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed in with my camera so I waited outside.

Then it was back to Middle Temple for more photographs before we headed across for another ceremony at The Royal Courts of Justice. My favourite pictures of the day were of Andrew and his family walking across The Strand. I love how his son does a little skip on the zebra crossing!

Andrew Selby QC walking across the zebra crossing to the Royal Courts of Justice on Silks Day

Another favourite of mine, I love this picture of Andrew talking to his two sons through the window of the Lamb Building.

Andrew Selby QC photographed by Queen's Council photographer Alex Rickard looking through the window as his two sons

And finally, bring on the ‘bar’ jokes – it just had to be done!

Andrew Selby QC at the bar with his Clerk on Silks Day

If your been appointed to the Queen’s Counsel and are looking for a photographer please get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.