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3 Tips to Overcome your fear of being Photographed

Do you have a fear of being photographed?  Is it stopping you from booking your photo shoot?  Relax, I’m here to help!

As a branding photographer I’m the first to admit that I don’t get the other side of the camera enough.  I’m known as ‘the blinker’ for a good reason and I’m pretty much guaranteed to ruin your group photo!  It was about time I had some new headshots taken though and a weekend away in London with my photographer friends provided the ideal opportunity.  Even though I knew my friend taking the pictures I felt nervous beforehand.  I thought I’d pass on some tips in case you feel the same.


Business man smiling as he looks out of a window. Photographed for an article on overcoming your fear of being photographed

1.  Trust your photographer . . .

“I feel so nervous in front of the camera!”  I totally get it!  I feel nervous and self conscious too (in fact I think everyone does!)  Don’t be afraid to tell your photographer about your reservations or fears.  The chances are you are not the first person to feel how you do.  As photographers we spend hours learning how to direct and pose you in order to bring out and accentuate your favourite features.  We are obsessed with light and know how to hunt down or create the best and most flattering light to photograph you in.  I want everything to be perfect for you and you to love your pictures and will do everything in my power to make that happen.  I’ll even show you them on the back of the camera and we together we can make small tweaks until you are completely happy with what you see.

2.  Have a good reason for your shoot . . .

Of course you don’t need a have a ‘special occasion’ to have your pictures taken.  Time won’t stand still until you are ready but having a goal in mind always helps.  My reason was wanting new headshots for my branding and website, plus it’s always good for me to put myself in your shoes so I get an idea of how you might be feeling on the day of your shoot.  You might be wanting a family shoot – look back at old photos and think about how much they mean to you.  How sad would it be if your family couldn’t look back at photos of you?

3.  Be Prepared . . .

Don’t worry, I’ll send you a guide on how to prepare for your shoot including what to wear.  In brief though, don’t make any drastic changes to your appearance, it’s always best to be yourself.  By all means buy a scarf, top or even outfit if it’s going to give you confidence and make you feel a million dollars.  We all need another excuse to go shopping don’t we?!

As it turns out, I’m delighted with my new pictures (thank you so much to Moira at Moira Lizzie Photography) and I’ve already booked myself in for a summer update.  So come on, together we’ll banish that fear of being photographed and create images that you will cherish.  Book yourself in now and I promise you won’t regret it!  x

Headshot of Photographer Alex Rickard


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