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“What is the best age to photograph my baby?”

I’m often asked by new parents or parents-to-be enquiring about Newborn and Baby Photography: “What is the best age to photograph my baby?”  Traditionally newborn babies are photographed within the first two weeks.  This is because they are still quite curled up, very flexible and generally still very sleepy.  It’s a great age to capture the little details – tiny toes and curled up fingers.

My style of photography is described as ‘lifestyle photography’ – I capture families in ‘real-life’ situations and although I will give you some direction during the shoot I don’t completely set up the shots.  I like to photograph you in your own home so you can look back at those early days and remember them just as they were.  I don’t use props with babies (apart from blankets) or photograph the babies curled up or posed.  For this reason we are not restricted to the first two week period for your baby photos.  As your baby gets older there’ll be different opportunities – we’ll capture the more expressive photos and first smiles and interactions which are not possible with newborns.

I’ve put together a selection of images so that you get an idea of what you might capture at different ages – I hope it makes your decision easier and reassures you that if you miss the first two week window there are still many opportunities for gorgeous photos.

13 days old

15 days old

6 weeks old

10 weeks old

10 weeks old

From around 12-16 weeks we’ll capture the smiles and interactions with others.  Once your baby can hold their head up whilst lying on their tummy there are even more photographic opportunities than just baby laying on their back or being held.  

3 months old

4 months old

If you are hovering around the 5-6 month mark I’d wait until baby can sit unsupported for another great opportunity for photos.

7 months old

As you can see, “What is the best age to photograph my baby?” isn’t the easiest question to answer – it all comes down to personal preference.  The first year is such a magical time and I’m happy to photograph your baby any age!


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