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What size should I print my photos?

Whether you are purchasing digital files or loose prints, you might ask “What size should I print my photos?” – I hope this guide will help you decide.

Digital photos and aspect ratio

The aspect ratio describes the width and height proportions of an image.  Aspect ratio is usually written as two numbers separated by a colon.  To keep it simple today I’m just going to talk about images taken in a ratio of 3:2 – as that’s what my images are taken in.

If you are printing from digital files it is important to consider the final crop of your image.  Have a look at the images below, the original ratio is 3:2 – but you’ll see if you print at the image at 7 x 5 inches (7:5 ratio) or 10 x 8 inches (5 x 4 ratio) you’ll start to loose parts of original image.

In brief, your digital files will print without the need for any cropping in the following sizes:

3:2 ratio – 6 x 4 inches, 9 x 6 inches, 12 x 8 inches, 15 x 10 inches


Slight cropping will occur at in the following sizes:

7 x 5 inches, 8 x 6 inches or A4/A3


More severe cropping will occur in the following sizes:

10 x 8 inches or 20 x 16 inches


Please note:  if you are purchasing prints from me I will crop the images to the correct size before I place your print order.

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