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Male Headshots – Getting the most out of your Photoshoot

As a professional photographer, I often find men seeking guidance on what to wear for their male headshot sessions. My advice begins with the importance of well-fitted clothing; shirts or jackets must fit properly, particularly around the collar and shoulders. I suggest sitting down in your chosen outfit and examining yourself in the mirror to ensure your shirt doesn’t bunch up or crease, indicating it may be too large. Long sleeves tend to look more professional than short sleeves. In the post-pandemic era, many businessmen opt not to wear ties, though the decision remains entirely yours; if unsure, feel free to bring one along and we can do shots with/without ties. Additionally, bringing a change of shirt is welcomed. Please ensure that your shirts are well-ironed and be aware that extra editing to remove wrinkles and creases may result in additional costs. By adhering to these tips, you’ll be well-prepared to convey professionalism and personal style through your headshot.

Glasses, grooming and facial hair

Beard or no beard? The decision is entirely yours! In all my years as a professional photographer, I’ve only had one client who shaved his beard off half-way through his session (!) – not something I’d advise! If you normally wear glasses please keep them on for your shoot. If you could avoid reactive lenses thought that would be great.

Man in a pink shirt and navy velvet jacket leaning against a glass wall during his male headshot photo session

How to pose for male headshots

Please don’t worry about how to pose, it’s my job as a professional photographer to guide you!

How do headshot sessions differ from Men’s Personal Branding?

In a typical headshot session, we primarily focus on capturing professional portraits from the shoulders (and sometimes the waist!) up. These shots are mostly used for website profiles, identity cards and LinkedIn profiles. Please note that if you are coming to my house in Ardingly for ‘Studio’ headshots then space is limited and I can only take headshots.

Personal Branding sessions tend to be longer and more in-depth, creating more of a visual narrative of an individual’s personal brand, interests and values. Additionally, in personal branding sessions, I often incorporate lifestyle pictures that showcase various aspects of the individual’s life, such as working on a laptop or enjoying a cup of coffee.

If you have any questions about male headshots or you’d like to book yours, please get in touch – I’d love to hear from you!