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Outdoor Headshots – The Benefits of taking them ‘Al Fresco’

As someone who embraces the outdoors, professional outdoor headshots perfectly align with my style. My photography journey started over twelve years ago photographing children and families outdoors. I couldn’t think of anything worse than stuffing families into a studio. More recently, I’ve fallen in love with studio light too allowing me to offer indoor and outdoor options for your headshots. Here, I’ve outlined a few compelling reasons for you to consider having your professional headshots captured in an outdoor setting.

Can headshots be taken outside?

Yes, headshots can definitely be taken outside. Outdoor settings can provide diverse backgrounds, providing a unique look to your headshots. Outdoor headshots can convey a more relaxed and natural vibe so depending on the look you are looking for they can be ideal.

making use of Soft and Flattering natural light

Natural light, especially during the golden hours (early morning or late afternoon) can be incredibly flattering. I will scout the finest locations for your headshot session ensuring we find the softest, most diffused light. I’ll avoid the harsh midday sun at all costs, it casts harsh shadows that are very unflattering.

Colourful outdoor headshot of a woman wearing a colourful pink outfit and laughing at the camera

Choosing your background for outdoor headshots

The possibilities for outdoor headshot backgrounds are vast and varied. Although I’ll choose locations based on light first, the background is of course important. I’ll choose a background that will compliment you and your brand and avoid distractions. By changing my camera settings I can blur the background ensuring the focus remains on you.

Relaxed outdoor headshot of a businesswoman wearing a white top taken under a tree during the summer in Sussex

Incorporating nature into your brand

The outdoor environment allows you to incorporate nature into your brand. Katie Flammon (pictured below) sought professional headshots outdoors that embodied her tagline ‘Fabulous from the ground up’. Capturing her lying in the grass amongst the flowers in her garden proved to be the natural and fitting choice.

Outdoor headshot of a woman laying on the grass looking up at the camera and smiling

Clothing tips for outdoor headshots

As with all of my shoots, I’ll provide you with a preparation guide which includes clothing tips. I’ll offer guidance on the best colours for you wear typically suggesting those opposite to your background colour on the colour wheel.

Black and white outdoor headshot of a businessman smiling

Overall, the connection with nature, coupled with the freedom of outdoor spaces, contributes to a more relaxed and authentic professional headshot session. If you are looking to have some outdoor professional headshots, (or indoors!) I’d love to help. You can contact me by email at alex@alexrickardphotography.com or call me on 01444 891596.